Affordable Dentures Corpus Christi TX


Affordable Dentures Corpus Christi Texas

The Affordable dentures Corpus Christi TEXAS team aims to create a difference in the lives of our patients. We are dedicated to giving our time, talent, and dental care services to communities in most need.

Things That Will Influence Your Denture Care Decision

Were you looking for affordable dentures? But, you must know what you need and ask yourself these:

  • Is this going to be the first set of dentures or a replacement set that you will do?
  • Do you need to undergo oral surgery to get one or more of your teeth extracted?
  • Will you be needing partial dentures or a full set?
  • Which material will your dentures be according to your preferences and budget?
  • Would dental implants be a better choice than dental dentures for you?
Affordable Dentures Corpus Christi TX

These are all questions that will ultimately determine the kind of affordable dentures you should buy. Still, never worry, great smiles dentist at Affordable dentures Corpus Christi TEXAS is to the rescue!

We will also educate you on the issues you might encounter in paying for your dentures:

1. Full vs. Partial Dentures

Are all your natural teeth will be extracted? Then, you will need a complete set of dentures. However, if ever you still have some left of your natural teeth, partial dentures are the best way to go.

2. Denture Materials

You have plenty of options to choose from. Your dentures may be produced from acrylic, nylon polymer, or cobalt metal. Each material has its own distinct set of benefits and factors into the budget you pay for your dentures. Metal, for example, is way more costly since it is difficult to break.  On the other hand, Denture plates are made out of acrylic resin that is less expensive and more flexible. It can also be tinted so that it would match your natural gum line.

3. Removable vs. Fixed Dentures

Dental implants will cost significantly more than the standard, removable dentures. While the more rods you choose to get implanted, the more expensive the set of dentures will be.

4. Extractions

If this is going to be your first set of dentures, you will need to see one amazing dentist in Corpus Christi to have your teeth extracted. This must be done before your denture specialist can fit you for your dentures.

5. Payment Options

At affordable dentures Corpus Christi TEXAS, the amount of money you pay will surely give you the service you deserve. Either you spend on a full or partial denture, we will offer flexible payment options.

Affordable Dentures Corpus Christi TX


If you have been looking for affordable dentures, affordable dentures Corpus Christi TEXAS is the place to visit. We strive to educate our patients on discounted prices’ benefits without sacrificing the best quality and safety in dental care and services. Moreover, we also offer oral surgery, oral medicine, periodontic care, and more. Our team will work with you to see if dental insurance covers your desired procedure or if a dental payment plan is needed.

If you are ready to set up a prosthodontic consultation, contact us today!

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