Dental Corpus Christi Texas


Dental Corpus Christi Texas

The dental corpus christi tx educates and raises awareness about the importance of oral health to overall health. We also advocate policy solutions that promote access to affordable oral care.

The Importance of a Healthy Smile

Your oral health matters. You have to understand that it is more vital to tend to it than you might realize. It will significantly affect your overall oral and general health.

At dental corpus christi texas, we offer dental services for your oral protection and healthcare.

1. Bonding

Bonding is a treatment that is mainly used to repair teeth that have decayed. This also reduces gaps between teeth. The dental corpus christi texas uses this method to build up older teeth and make them appear younger.

2. Braces

A dental brace is a device utilized to correct teeth’ alignment and bite-related cases.  These braces are aimed to straighten and strengthen teeth by exerting steady pressure on your teeth.

3. Bridges and Implants

Bridges and implants are one of the ways to replace your missing tooth. These bridges are false teeth that are anchored in place by their neighboring teeth. On the other hand, dental implants are artificial roots that are used to support the replacement teeth and give off that natural appearance of teeth.

4. Crowns and Caps

A crown or cap is a cover that is made to fit over a damaged and broken tooth. It is prepared by your dentist and usually requires successive appointments to complete the process.

5. Tooth Extractions

You may need to see one of the dentists in dental corpus christi tx for a severely damaged tooth for an extraction appointment. It is vital to do this since you need to prevent any future pain that may give your oral and overall health.

6. Dentures

Dentures may be necessary  for the replacement of a lost tooth. At dental corpus christi tx, we offer two types of dentures – partial and full. However, this is again on a case-to-case basis.

7. Oral Cancer Examination

Technically, oral cancer starts in the cells of one’s mouth, tongue, or throat. You must need to undergo oral cancer screening and a dental examination to give you proper treatment and medication.

8. Root Canals

Root canals treat diseases such as acute abscessed teeth. Once your tooth is damaged or decayed, it is crucial to immediately open the tooth and clean out the entire infected tissue. Visit your dentist for any concerns or questions you may have about this procedure.

9. Teeth Whitening

Naturally, teeth darken with age. However, staining may be caused by various food and beverages. Dental corpus christi texas will give you plenty of teeth whitening options, including in-office and at-home bleaching, so that you could show off that beautiful smile all over again!

10. Veneers

Veneers are naturally characterized as vital pieces of porcelain that can be bonded to the teeth. These are used to repair damaged or stained teeth; and may help close gaps between teeth, as well. With a bit of contouring, veneers may also eventually correct crowded and overlapping teeth.


At dental corpus christi tx, we guarantee to gain back your confidence once again! With our plethora of dental care options, we will create the dental care plan fit for your oral and general health! Talk to us today!

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