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There are numerous reasons why someone may lose their teeth, from severe tooth decay and injury to actual contamination. If you find yourself losing many teeth in your upper and lower jaw, you have to find a way to replace them. Dentures are the conventional procedure for replacing your missing teeth.

Dentures are set of synthetic teeth to replace your missing natural teeth. Some dentures are made to replace a few missing teeth, and other types replace all of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. Dentures nowadays are better in appearance and look more like natural teeth compared to the dentures before. Another great thing about dentures is that patients may choose which type of denture suits them best. The two most common types of dentures are fixed and removable dentures. Here is what you need to know about these types of denture:

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are the most common type of dentures. The prosthetic teeth are set into a gum-hued form that fits over the highest point of your normal gums. When you place your removable dentures every day, you should first put a special denture glue onto the denture to set it up to your gums.

Unfortunately, many people find that the glue is not too strong and not adhesive enough, allowing the denture to slip and move around when you are talking, chickling, or eating, and this can cause humiliation. You may find yourself avoiding chewy and hard food because you are worried that your denture may fall out. Many patients are not comfortable during the day as the acrylic form rubs against their gum and delicate tissues inside their mouth. You must take out your removable dentures for cleaning at the end of the day. Removable dentures are very fragile, so you should hold them over a sink of water or collapsed towels while you brush them. Then, you have to put them in a glass of water with a denture-cleaning tablet for considerably further cleaning while you rest.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are a curve of prosthetic teeth joined in replicating gum tissue that sits over your normal gums' highest point. The method by which fixed ventures are designed is not the same as traditional dentures. It is because fixed dentures use implant innovation to connect them to your mouth.

Implant innovation has improved the dental business. A titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone at pre-decided areas of the denture, and the bone is invigorated and left to develop around it. This makes a changeless grapple to which your fixed denture can be attached. Fixed dentures must be inserted and removed by a licensed dental specialist. They are excellent and tough while you are wearing them. They will not slip or move around like ordinary dentures, and you can eat any food without agonizing over them coming free.

Fixed dentures provide various benefits to the patient over traditional, removable dentures. These include:

  • More notable quality and toughness
  • Improved carefulness
  • Less settles
  • Increasingly agreeable fit since they do not rub against the gums and mouth
  • It can be cleaned easily, just like regular teeth
  • Adds cohesion to the jaw bone, which can decay because of a damaged tooth
  • It can last as much as 20 years

For further inquiries regarding the difference between fixed and removable dentures, call Emergency Dentist Corpus Christi for more information.

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