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What Are Periodontal Diseases?

It starts when the toxins from the plaque begin to attack the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. As the infection advances, it will cause severe inflammation, and the response is to destroy the infected tissue, which makes our gums recede and end up in tooth loss. It is, in fact, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontist Corpus Christi provides deep teeth cleaning and gingival treatment to help us recover from periodontal diseases. Our periodontists have vast knowledge and a handful of experience that are necessary for the treatment plan.

The Four Stages

Periodontal diseases are classified into four different stages. We have listed them below to help us keep track of our oral health:

1. Gingivitis. This is still reversible and can leave no damage to our jawbones once treated. Minimal symptoms are present; bad breath, gum swelling, and bleeding when brushing or flossing.

2. Slight Periodontal Disease. It is no longer reversible, but it is still manageable. This means that the infection has already spread to the bones and started its destroying process. Basic oral care is no longer enough. The symptoms are similar with Gingivitis plus probing depths between four to five millimeters.

3. Moderate Periodontal Disease. Similar to Slight Periodontal Disease, it is irreversible, and the probing depth has increased to six to seven millimeters. If left untreated, it can advance to shifting of teeth, gum sensitivity, gum bleeding, and tooth loss.

4. Advanced Periodontal Disease. The infection is now deeper, and the bacteria has developed, and it can give oral diseases. There is a higher chance of bone loss. The symptoms that may occur are having swollen gums that may ooze pus, painful chewing, severe halitosis, and tooth loss.

Gingival Treatment Corpus Christi has periodontists that can lend you their expertise to avoid complications, and further oral health issues. Because we want you to have great oral health again.

Periodontist Corpus Christi TX

The Treatment

To give you appropriate treatment, Periodontist Corpus Christi will check your oral condition thoroughly. A series of tests will be given to give the right diagnosis. To get the proper diagnosis, our periodontists may:

  • Check your medical history. This is to know if any complications lead to periodontal disease.
  • Scrutinize your mouth. This is to check for any tartar that may cause bleeding.
  • Assess the depth. Checking how deep the pocket is is essential, as a healthy gum has only one to three-millimeter depth. Deeper than that is gingivitis.
  • X-rays. It is essential to take dental x-rays to determine the depth of the pockets and check what is wrong inside your mouth.

Nonsurgical treatments are done if the periodontitis is not yet advanced. It could include:

  • Scaling. Removes tartar and bacteria from the surface of your tooth and beneath the gums
  • Root Planing. Smoothens the root surface to prevent tartar build-up
  • Antibiotics. Controls bacterial infection and may eliminate infection-causing bacteria.
Periodontist Corpus Christi TX

Surgical treatments are done if you are already suffering from advanced periodontitis. It may be:

  • Flap Surgery. The periodontist will make small incisions to expose the roots
  • Soft Tissue Grafts. This procedure prevents your gum from receding.
  • Grafting. It prevents tooth loss.
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration. This one helps with the regrowth of the bone that has been lost.
  • Tissue-stimulating Proteins. To apply a special gel that helps with the regrowth of the bone.

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